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Marking a voucher as 'used'
Last Updated 7 months ago

When a customer comes to your business and wants to redeem a voucher, there are a few simple steps.

  1. Login to Vouchy
    Using your staff details, login to the vouchy system via
  2. View all Vouchers
    Using the menu on the left side, click Vouchers and then Search. This will open the page with the voucher 'Quick Search'.
  3. Search for the Voucher
    Now, ask the customer to see the voucher (either a paper or electronic copy is fine). Enter the voucher number in to the search box, to find the voucher. Alternatively, search for the name, phone number or email of the customer. Once you find the voucher, click "manage" on the right side.
  4. Confirm the Voucher
    Ensure that the voucher matches the details seen on the screen, that the voucher has remaining value (the system will not let you redeem a voucher that has no remaining value) and then click 'use voucher'.
  5. Use the Voucher
    Enter the value being used by the customer (this can be the full voucher value or a smaller amount). Press 'use voucher'. The voucher will instantly be updated. If any value remains, this will be indicated on the system and viewable immediately by the customer.

    Still not sure? Email [email protected] for more help!

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